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 OilyWaterExpert svcs. (OWE) was formed for the express purpose to provide : FOR HIRE consulting, tech advice & troubleshooting services for solving oily water problems.  For help with troublesome industrial,  commercial and marine oily water problems, oily water owners, creators, operators, generators, and users often find they need some help, guidance and maybe expert advice. Need to skim oil? You don’t need the expert on your staff. You need that expert to help bring it all together, and look at the problems differently than your people. OilyWaterExpert can do that. A fresh set of eyes on your problem brings answers.  How to skim oil?  We've built an entire business model based on expert level help when you need to skim oil OR separate skimmed oil from water.

 We help you skim oil from and separate oils from YOUR oily water .  Ready Yet ?

OilyWaterExpert svcs. offers experience driven, cross-industry – unbiased and confidential, independent expert level consulting guidance and advice, for dealing with oily water problems. Usually these problems include oil skimming, oil-water separation, de-oiling, oily waste water treatment, disposal & elimination, and/or otherwise handling & minimizing oily waste waters and associated liabilities.


While some oily water generators and their conditions might work with “right out of the box” equipment or systems --- most cannot. Don’t kid yourself! Even if you can and do understand what’s really going on with the whole oily water problem you’re not likely to find your real solution in a catalog. That’s NOT happening!

Oily water is always very tricky stuff to work with even when you really know a lot about it. Most oily problems  need unique, custom & specialized solutions that come from lots of exposure, training and experience across a wide range of projects and applications and of course--problems. Every oily water problem is different with many factors involved in getting it workable. 

That’s where we come in with specialized oily water expertise.

We do Oily Water every day!          Our industry is oily water!

We’ve been doing oil skimmers and oily water separators for 25 years.   

In late 2020 with the Covid19 pandemic turning the world upside down,  Roscoe J. McWilliams ,(SkimOil inc. creator, founder & president) started a new unrelated & independent venture, service business,   OilyWaterExpert, (OWE) services FOR HIRE to provide Expert level consulting, technical advice, troubleshooting, problem solving and system design for companies with oily water problems. If you need to skimoil or have some skim-oil or oilskim on your water's surface. WE CAN HELP! Let's skim oil.

After working oily water for over 25 years, both on-site in person with eyes on and virtually--we've found most oily water related problems can be solved pretty much remotely and virtually via phone, e-mail, pics/video, ZOOM or ? 

Need to Skim or Separate Oil?  Need some help??       Get OilyWaterExpert assistance?   We should talk….

Consider: Almost every elevator has a pit to catch oils ! Every compressor has oily blow-down.
Fire code says “keep the oil & water out” but EPA says it’s illegal to pump out oily water?   Need some help?

Need some help with an oily problem?  Working virtually with your people, we can help, discover, identify and diagnose the root cause for your oily water problems and develop workable, practical solutions for you and yours to work with. Maybe more important than knowing what to do… knowing what to avoid and not do!   

Got Oil?     Got oily water?    Got problems?      We’ve learned a LOT—Call! 

OilyWaterExpert  -  The POWER of good advice 

Got Oily Water Problems?  Need Expert Advice & Troubleshooting Help? 

So how can I hire OilyWaterExpert to get guidance and troubleshooting help?

Well that’s the easy part! Do you know how much time you’re going to need? No? 
Let’s start with a 5 minute chat to find if we can help with your oily problem? 

There’s NO COST to check if we can help. If YES---Then we would go “on the clock” with you and yours to get enough information & details from you for us to work together to develop your right solution, fix, or even Band-Aid for your oily water problems.  . Get some help…... Call 1st for pricing.    Make the CALL!

Want some oily water help?   Call now (919) 357-9222


READY YET?   Simply send OWE your completed order form for our agreed on pricing. We can start with  as little as 1 hour of phone time with you and your crew/team, maintenance & engineering & service people. Working with you...We can often discover the problem and maybe even identify & recommend a solution or fix in that hour.  Let’s find out !         Need oily water help?  Let’s Talk! ORDERING TERMS/INFO

Oily water consultant

WHY DO I NEED TO HIRE OWE?      Handling oily waste water is usually incidental to your business. You likley know something about it...but that’s not what your business is all about. You make or do other stuff. 

Oily Water is our industry. CALL!

OWE works oily water problems every day and knows stuff that you don’t OilyWaterExpert svcs. offers trained, cross-industry experienced, unbiased, independent expert consultative guidance and advice for dealing with oily water problems, skimming, separating, de-oiling, waste water treatment, and/or handling & minimizing of their oily waste waters.

ACT now or RE-ACT later

At OilyWaterExpert our industry is OILY WATER.

Who needs OilyWaterExpert (OWE)?     Anyone with a waste water or oily water problem that does not have the in house expertise, experience and background to handle it. Industrial, marine and commercial customers often have someone who knows some oily water stuff but it’s always incidental to their industry and job description.


 Want results?    Start with OilyWaterExpert to get answers!       

Our usual customers include: Oil & Gas industry,  oil field service people, utilities, power plants, transportation, ocean shipping, primary metals: steel & aluminum, mining, chemicals, Ag foods/oils and pharma , transportation. WWTP, WWT, metal fabricators, FOG, gov  and  water parks, even coffin makers and you. Oily water literally make the world go around. 

Oil is everywhere. Got problems?

Get in front of your oily water problems - call OilyWaterExpert!

Oily water is obnoxious stuff to work with and acts differently on every job we get called on. While this oily water isn’t exactly “rocket science”,  it is tough to deal with efficiently, because every oily water waste stream or application is different..and unique unto itself. Knowing the basics helps—a lot!    Been there. We'll have lots of questions…..and need as much info as possible so we can give you solid direction, advice and guidance.   Trash in...oily trash out.

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Oily Tip of The Month:

Consider the type of pump you our using when removing the oily water from the source  STOP!! What are you going to do with this oily water?

Are you eventually going to need to separate the oil from the water?
IF SO! the way you pump this oily water is going to affect the downstream separation process. HUGELY!

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