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Oily Water Expert –Solutions For Oily Water Problems


We’ve been working on oily water problems from the equipment supply side,  doing application engineering, design/build /fabrication and sales of specialty oil skimmers, oil water separators and other unique industrial wastewater treatment equipment, systems and aids.
We’ve learned so much about oil skimming and oil water separation over the past 25 years.

OILY WATER EXPERT can be your confidential Oily Water advisor.


OilyWaterExpert is your FOR HIRE consultant for your oily water problems,  feasibility study, emergency meeting, oily water crisis or engineering - maintenance ops problems.  OilyWaterExpert  brings you cross-industry experience with consulting, troubleshooting, advice and problem solving oily water skimming, separation, wastewater treatment and oily disposal problems, troubles or concerns you might have.    

We’ve learned a lot about oily water problems. 

OWE is not in the equipment sales business.

OWE sells answers

Got oily water problems? Questions? Need Answers FAST ? - Solutions-Advice?

By now most of the oily water problems you can encounter can be addressed by phone and e-mail with pics and videos / Zoom -or ? Virtually !  We’ve done this a LOT over the years.  Oily water problems are tough to deal with because every single problem with  them is different and unique unto itself.…and are be greatly affected by the water chemistry, temperatures, aging, weathering and all else. If you don’t have the experienced talent with this stuff….get some specialty help and advice.

Hire OILY WATER EXPERT and get it going NOW!

We’ve learned things you haven't!    Call Expert NOW 919-357-9222

Who needs OilyWaterExpert (OWE)? 
Anyone with a waste water or oily water problem and does not have the in house expertise, experience and background to handle it. Industrial and commercial customers often have someone who knows some oily water stuff but it’s always incidental to their industry and job. Make no mistake….OILY WATER is tough to deal with-----even when you do everything right.


You own your oily water,  “CRADLE TO GRAVE”. Need some help?        

 Make the right call…...get OILY WATER EXPERT help now!

OilyWaterExpert  Back Story: After working construction and running industrial emergency repair services in the 70's and 80's Roscoe J McWilliams started SkimOil Inc. in 1995 for the purpose of providing oil skimmers and oily water separators as design-manufacturer, fabricator, distributor, application specialists and sales agency for related equipment. SkimOil sells oily waste water treatment equipment and systems,

OilyWaterExpert  is NOT in the equipment business.  

At OilyWaterExpert our product is solutions to oily water problems .
OilyWaterExpert:  -  The POWER of Good Advice

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