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SkimOil Inc.......the idea, creation and origin of  the whole new word and what it means in the world.


Background:   "Roscoe" J McWilliams ----creator, founder and president of SkimOil inc from inception in 1995 thru 2021 (to date).   

As the founder and president of SkimOil inc., back in the late 90's after starting my new company (in 95') under the name Entec...for Environmental Technologies.....I realized no one would ever find it or care about it or even know what it means or what the company does.. That's when I invented or created the word SkimOil as a better name for the better describe what I was in business for, simply to Skim Oil.

Simple the company for what it does......this same theory worked also for many products that the Skimoil company sells.....have the product named for what it is used for. It worked well enough to get the name....Skimoil recognized by google because it was recognized by people for what it does. Skim Oil.

This worked well enough that the big player in the industry (OilSkimmers Inc.--OSI) renamed their website to idea....the name is what it does. Just a generic descripyive term;;;;;SkimOil:   what does it do? Skim oil.

What would you use it for....well to accomplish the work task---to skim oil.

Early on  I trademarked the word skimoil,  as people were using it all the describe what they had on their water's surface and for what they wanted to do.  The first time the term had been used (in the world) was on my trademark application in 1998. I let the trademark expire and die a natural death...since it no longer described just a company. I bequeath the word Skimoil to the public domain. 

I figured as long as I owned the domain....I was covered to keep others from using it in business  since I did in fact create or actually invent the word out of nothing. Although Skimoil LLC was created in Ohio in has no exclusive right to the word...SkimOil or skim-oil or skim oil....they are all the perform the funtion to skim oil. 


As planned the word Skimoil was converting to the public domain...and that was the goal make it a general term that people would use  It's now turned into a generic that it has been genereicized and has been used by businesses and customers and their businesses for over 20 years. I have over the past 20 years or so...had hundreds of calls and/or clients use the term skimoil to describe what they have on their water's surface or to describe the quantity of oil they have on the surface.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Skimoil is now a word or term used across the world.....all from these humble beginnings back in the late 90's.


Need to get oil out of or off of water?

You've entered into an area....where experience and cross industry exposure means a LOT. No one person or industry has all the answers. Every oil skim or skim oil project is different. Oily water is slippery stuff to work with (duh) and wide ranging experience gets you going the right way. 

If you need to remove a bit of oilskim or skimoil from your water's surface....we need to talk. Call Roscoe...the original SkimOil guy who has more than 25 years of oily water problem solving and oil skimming or skimming oil  troubleshooting knowledge. Job #1 is get the oil off now!


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