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Who needs to hire OILY WATER EXPERT?

About You:      WHO NEEDS TO HIRE OilyWaterExpert?

SHORT ANSWER: Any oily water generators, creators or users with oily water skimming, separation, removal or treatment problems , and don’t have the in house expertise, experience, background or the equipment to handle it.  This group should include any person or company who is planning an operation that will involve the use of or possible use of oily water and or have to deal with it any fashion or circumstances. There’s a LOT of oily water out there. The bottom line to this question is: Don’t guess or rely on past results you’ve maybe had with oily water. Plan for and design your oily water future.  ACT or React.

You own your oily water “Cradle to Grave”


Industrial and commercial customers often have someone who knows and has some experience with some oily water stuff, but it’s almost always incidental to their industry and regular job description . Oily water is always tricky stuff to deal with, even when you do it on a regular daily basis like we do. We do oily water EVERY DAY! Don’t guess-CALL! Bring EXPERT into your team to get planned designed results. 

ACT now ?         or REACT later ?

        At OilyWaterExpert---- our industry is OILY WATER

Oily water is usually just a small part of your operations ….but one that you HAVE to deal with properly and efficiently or the problems start escalating and affecting your entire waste water system including all safety, health, quality, scheduling and production issues. AVOID Shut downs ----Strangely we don’t usually GET THE CALL until things get  ugly and out of control.  Oily Water Happens: Here’s help! 

Get in front of your oily water problems - call OilyWaterExpert

While this oily water isn’t “rocket science” it is very tricky stuff to deal with always with lots of variables. . OilyWaterExpert () does bring you extensive cross-industry experience with consulting, troubleshooting, guidance, advice and problem solving for oily water skimming, separation, de-oiling, wastewater treatment ,disposal and waste minimization problems, situations, concerns or challenges you might have. We deal with companies all the time….who have and use or make oily water and they have NO IDEA of what they have or what’s going on with it…...UNTIL THERE’S A PROBLEM. This is an opportunity to design your outcome. Don’t wait for the problem to occur…...plan for avoiding it or at least being prepared for it.   

Planned oily water handling: GOOD       Surprises BAD

Our usual customers include: Oil & Gas industry,  oil field service people, utilities, power plants (lots), transportation, energy, ocean shipping, primary metals: steel & aluminum, mining, chemicals, Ag food and oil and pharma , auto mfg. WWTP, WWT, transportation, metal fabricators, food oils, gov  and even coffin makers and you. 

You must need OWE svcs to come this far here:  CALL now for some help…. ? 

OWE can be your VIRTUAL on call EXPERT.  Hire EXPERT and get it going.

There’s a lot of Oily Water out there!

 We’ve been at this for 25 years! By now most of the oily water problems you can encounter….can be worked out with  via phone and e-mail with pics & videos or zoom  or we’ll come to you if needed in the future. This oily water stuff isn’t new or even rocket science. The solutions to your oily water problems are usually fairly simple and basic at their root cause and will be revealed once you bring in . We’ll act as another set of VERY experienced eyes for your project.


   We’ve learned things you haven't. 

OilyWaterExpert can be your FOR HIRE independent confidential, unbiased, fiduciary Expert consultant for oily waters advice.  Get in front of the problem. Hire Oily Water Expert  for your  oily water problems or feasibility study or engineering or maintenance ops problems. Ready for real solutions...or need to put lipstick or band-aids on the problem until you can….?  ?  Either Way: CAN DO:

Need FAST response? Need FAST Results?    Make the call!  


Need planned and designed results?           Avoid surprises  


We’ll work with and/or educate, train & mentor your guys/team/group. Call!  

We’ll work with you and yours to get your problems solved at your desired pace and . You own your oily water “cradle to grave”. Need some help?

 We’re not talking about getting married here! We are talking about probably less than a half day working together on your oily water problem. Sometimes more ...but sometimes an hour or 2 together with you or your team on the phone…..will discover and identify the real root problem,….then we can work up a workable solution that fits for you. Call!    Mybe you just need pointing in the right direction. Sometimes just knowing what to NOT DO is enough. Got oil?


The POWER of good advice - 

OILY WATER EXPERT – We get stuff out of water  

Want some oily water help?   Call now (919) 357-9222

READY YET? Simply send OWE our completed order form for our agreed on pricing. We can start with  as little as 1 hour of phone time with you and your crew/tea, maintenance & engineering & service people. Working with you...We can often discover and identify the real problem and maybe even identify & recommend a solution or fix in that hour.  Need oily water help?  Let’s Talk!



Want some oily water help?   Call now (919) 357-9222

get :

Why call for outside Expert help?Got any of these problems?

Need knowledge for your expensive meetings.

Reduce downtime due to ongoing oily water problems. 

Improve quality  of discharges to reduce fines-surcharges
Keep discharges within limits
Keeps you out of the news
Reduce outside contractor involvement
Give your team the advantage of good advice & guidance
Reduce or eliminate after hours phone calls
Reduce downtime     reduce water quality control events 
Make your maintenance more effective and directed.
Got produced water ...disposal separation problems?
Water soluble coolant woes
Need outfall protection?
Got FOG (fats-oils-grease) probblems?   We love FOG>
Got grease?    Over limits discharges?


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