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#1. Q: How do I get oil out of water?  A: That’s too vague of a question to give you an answer. To get an answer you have to be able to describe the problem or at least the symptoms. Then work with someone (maybe on your staff already?) who knows about oily water problems and troubleshooting. If you don’t have access to that person or group….don’t spin your wheels. Call  Oily Water Expert.

#2.  Q: How much does it cost?  A:  Too vague. We don’t know the costs until we know the problem. JOB#1 is always to find out as much as possible about your oily water problem. Oily water Expert can help get you on a path to understanding the real problem and then you/we can start working towards a workable solution.


#3. Q:  Do I need to hire an engineering company and do they need to do a study?   A: Maybe---If you don’t have the in house knowledge and experience to do it…….you’re gonna have to bring in some expertise from somewhere. If you’re after a whole waste water treatment system…..we’re not the guys, but if you’re after some highly specialized / expert level consulting help / guidance / knowledge and cross industry experience with oily water problems, We’re Oily water Expert. This is what we’ve been doing every day for over 25 years. Don’t spin your wheels…doing the same thing over and over. How about a FIX or at least a good looking Band-Aid for your oily water problems ?  Call OWE now!


#4. Q: Which oil skimmer do I need and how much is it? A: Same thing again and DEPENDS! we need enough information from you and answer your application  questions accurately. Almost half the people who call for a skimmer don’t actually need one….there’s maybe some better ways to remove free oil? Ask!


#5. Q: We’ve got some soaps in our water…...does that matter ?? A: OH YEAH...soaps and surfactants can have a HUGE effect on how to get oils out of your oily waste waters. Whenever there are surfactants and emulsions in your oily waste water….maybe Plan A will work (we gotta’ talk!) OR it requires going to the less attractive PLAN B which is  more moving parts and stuff happening.     Need some help ? Guidance? Troubleshooting ? Temporary fix? Put lipstick and efficiency on your system?  

Call OWE now for Quick Call consult.


#6. Q: BONUS Q & A….. what can your company Oily Water Expert do for me in my plant for my oily wastewater treatment to both troubleshoot an existing problem as well as maybe wanting to upgrade my system eventually ….what do I look for?   What can oily water expert do for me.
A:   we want to help you solve your understanding them fully and working with what you have towards the best operational solution that will get you moving toward a fix or a cure or band aid resolution.


We get stuff out of water!

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