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Removing Oily Water From The Service

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Are you eventually going to need to separate the oil from the water?

IF SO! the way you pump this oily water is going to affect the downstream separation process. HUGELY! Consider the type of pump you our using when removing the oily water from the source.

Oily water skimming using air diaphragm pumps
Air Diaphragm Pumps used to pump the oily water from the scale pit not creating a mechanical emulsion


If you use high shear pumps to move the oil there WILL be SERIOUS headaches and problems ahead due to the fact that you will create a mechanical emulsion by chopping the oil into micro particles that are MUCH harder to separate from water. Some very small oil particles might not even float. Avoid when possible! Call US! This is what we do everyday!

When the oil in the water always goes to one place in the pit, tank or sump, and the water levels don’t change removing the oily water from the surface is fairly easy and usually achieved with a fixed type skimmer.

But if winds or flow changes move the oil around then things get a bit tougher and you usually have to work with a floating type oil skimmer that you can put in and move to where the oil is.

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