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Our Expertise-Oily Water Problems & Solutions

Oily Water Expert (OWE) was formed for the express purpose to provide oily water problems: consulting, guidance, troubleshooting, advice and  informational services to industrial oily water generators and users in the petro-chem, transportation, utility, general manufacturing and commercial marine industries. OWE brings cross industry expertise, from years of providing both standard and unique & innovative alternative solutions and technologies for removing oils and other inconvenient pollutants from their waste waters. There’s a lot of applied physics going on here. We’ve done this before!

Simply put…...we’ve learned a LOT about oily water: How it acts, uses for it, how it’s made up and created..both intentionally and accidentally, how and why emulsions can be both a godsend and can also be a royal pain in the butt, how you can minimize the troubles it may cause you and or your processes . And this list could go on for pages...but we’ll stop here….for now. More to come: 

Oil makes the world go ‘round as they say….and it touches almost every aspect of our lives. We can’t get away from it….it’s so useful and harmful and damaging and life saving.It’s part of our food chain, meds, agriculture, transport, housing

There’s a lot of oily water out there...and as it happens we’ve learned a lot about it, by design and study, modeling and experimentation...and even partially by accident and luck. We know oily water...and want to share that information and the lessons learned….with you and yours. We’d like the opportunity to be your “go to guys” for help with oily water problems. We know some stuff that you don’t. 

Call OilyWaterExpert for some real help with your real oily water problems. Listed below is some of the stuff…….that we can help with...but the list goes on—and on and on. There’s a lot of oily water problems...and we can offer a lot of solutions. 

Oil Water Separation

An oil water separator (OWS) is a flow thru device designed to remove free un-emulsified oils from a moving stream of water.A properly designed OWS can  easily get oil concentrations down to below 30 parts per million (PPM) all the way down to NON DETECT. To properly design an OWS there are many factors to be entered into the complex equation. Usually industrial separators are passive devices with no moving parts. Sounds easy enough right? 

Of course it’s not easy, there’s lots of complex elements to it and the design is best left to those who do it all the time. Ever had to use Stoke’s law…..which governs the rise rate of an oil particle of a given size thru a water column. This isn’t kid stuff…’s lots of engineering details tied into complex equations. And even the design people don’t always get it perfect. They are just people….but real smart ones. 


NOTE:   that thing about no moving parts….well that does not apply to marine oiy water separators. They are in a class of their own as they have to operate reliably and regularly and measurably on-board moving boats and ships. The marine OWS’s have a lot going on with pumps and valves and monitors and  different cycles. We can especially help with your marine OWS problems. We’re the guys…. 


To properly select and size an OWS we need a goodly amount of information about the oils, conditions and how this oily water came to be. Good solutions require good information! 

OWE does not build OWS’ but we can guide you thru the process to help you get it right. This is real grown-up stuff.


FREE TIP: What we do get is LOT and LOTS of calls from companies with OWS’ that are not doing the job for them. Sometimes it is a problem with the equipment...but it’s usually not the OWS , and something has changed in the equation….that the OWS was built to handle. That’s where OWE can help. 


This is what we do every day….We get oil out of water and have become a player in helping you get back into equilibrium with your OWS and get operational again. Something’s changed and we can help find that……..we’re not talking about finding a busted valve…..we are talking down to the molecular level where something has gotten seriously out of whack…..and so the whole system is out of balance. That we can help with. 

Give us your worst case. OWE is uniquely qualified to do the troubleshooting & investigation to ultimately discover what is wrong….and help you get back to running RIGHT again. That is of course predicated on the OWS being properly selected and designed to begin with. Call OWE...and let’s chat for a few about your OWS situation and let’s find out if we can help. 

You have nothing to lose with the call…..except your OWS problems?

Oily Water Skimming-Surface Skimming

Skimming by definition means taking a little off the top. Oil skimming is just that....removing free floating oils from the waters surface, while leaving most of the water behind. Sounds simple enough----right. Well simple it’s NOT There's a lot that goes into the selection of the right oil skimmer for your particular oily water situation.  You’re not likley to find the answer at Grainger. This stuff takes specialized knowledge.

We’ve been designing and building every type of oil skimmer known to man...for over 25 years. It’s what we’ve been doing all along… we’ve learned stuff that you don’t know.

That’s most likley why you’ve wound up on this web site. You have an oily water problem!


OWE does oily water! Oil skimming is not justas simple as Black or White. It's trickier than that and there is a LOT of gray area involved in successfully and efficiently skimming free oils off the surface of water.  

With oil skimming there are only a dozen or so types...but each has variations. We know oil skimmers… YEP….if you have the need to get that free floating or even emulsified oils off of or out of the water…..Call OWE...We can help.

Often times and even usually there is some level of urgency associated with oil skimmers…...we get that...and can respond to your problem generally as FAST as you need. We can get you pointed in the right direction for efficient oil skimming. Been there!  We can get you pointed in the right direction...avoid the booby traps and even help, guide and/or specify the right equipment or system.  We can help ---guide you into getting the oil into the right place…...and out of the wrong places……….most efficiently and as fast as you need it.

Oily Waste Water Treatment

Industry is making more and more nasty waste water streams that are tough and prohibitive to treat for release.  
Oily Water Experts cross-industry experience has taught us a lot and we've made the mistakes so you don't have to
Oily-Water-Expert offers highly trained, experienced and unbiased, objective expert level consultative guidance and solutions for dealing with various oily water problems, waste water treatment and/or disposal of their oily wastes. 
Oily waste water treatment is gonna’ be complicated….we can help you avoid the stumbling block and get you going in the right direction without more  wasted motion. Make the call!

Get stuff off of AND out of water

Getting floating stuff off the water's surface sure sounds easy enough. Sometimes it is easy. The rest of the time....not so much.
Experience with this stuff helps. Consider....that most people only encounter these floating problems----incidentally to their normal job duties....then it's back to their regular job or duties. We get called on for lots of floating stuff removal. How about plastic pellets, nurdles, grind, scraps and hdpe feed stock pellets. 
YEP we can help!            OILY WATER EXPERT helps get stuff off of water.

Duck weed or water meal can be removed with the OWE proprietary design Floating Weir Skimmer (FWS) which is a floating surface skimmer. If it floats freely and can move across the surface on a flow of water, the FWS is a great tool for water meal and duck weed removal. Got algae?    Floaters?………….we have MUCHO experience in dealing with floaters removal…’s kinda’ related to oil skimming….but not the same. Ya’ gotta’ make the call to get the help. Don’t even try to reinvent the wheel…’ll just go round and round (pun intended) There are mature technologies already that can remove these floaters.  We’ve done LOTS of that…but it all starts the same way. You gotta’ make the call!

Experience helps-call OilyWaterExpert - we’ve done this before. LOTS.


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